my father, my Self


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Just two stories... from many people, and many perspectives

I remember when my father....

I wish my father....

Sons and daughters interview each other and share the experiences many had with their fathers.  Or father figures.  

Many conclude their stories with the wisdom... or integrity... or courage... or something else... that their fathers taught them.

The Very First Stories

Our first four stories about our fathers.

 Dos en Espanol   (Two Stories in Spanish)


Six More Sons Tell Their Father Stories


...Yet More Father Stories from Los Angeles...


We're currently filming in the Los Angeles area and in North Carolina.  Complete either or both stories in the comments below (public) or email us with your story of your father if you want to share on video.  Join us to be advised of new filmings, posts, etc.  

RSVP for filmings if you wish to share your story on camera at one of our filmings.  You can also schedule a filming at your location or venue if you wish.  Write to about scheduling filmings.

Current progress depends partly on your kind crowdfunding help.


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  • Ron Robinson
    commented 2017-03-10 10:55:36 -0800
    Our first filming was an astounding success. We had some wonderful fellowship and gathered the four stories that you see above. Please feel free to join our site, share a story in the comments if you like, or sign up for a filming at one of the filming events we’ll be putting up soon.